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Monday, 7 November 2011


Noble Aims Welfare Association (NAWAis a non government, non political, not for profit organization established in 2005. And registered with the Government of Pakistan in March 2008, having Registration No. DOSWWD&BM/RWP/2008/096. National Tax No. 3106045-5, EU PIC No : 947659834 
EuropeAid ID  PK-2010-EAF-1201692091 ,  OID No. E10188566
The idea of establishing an NGO was generated by a group of patriotic educationists to serve the humanity at a larger scale, above all the underprivileged communities of Pakistan . 
Recently (2011)  we work with the team of The Supreme Master Ching Hai Internatinal Association   inVihari and Badin   and help the Flood victims.
We provide them medical facility and daily usage item to them.

In 2009 we work with SMCHIA in Mardan and help the refuges of SWAT.
 We also work with them in 2006 when a massive earthquake hits the northern area of Pakistan we work in Balakot and help the effected people our there.
NAWA also conduct the Basic computer classes for  needy women and for this NAWA collaborate with NICE in 2006 and gave computer education to more till now we gave 1200 students computer education and the whole expenses for this project is managed by NAWA.
In march 2007 NAWA plan to do something for needy and poor peoples in medical sector in rural areas and in this regard we talk to Mr. Shahid Raza Alvi whose the owner of Alvi hospital and maternity home mandi bha-ul-din and we collaborate with them and gave the medical assistance to poor and needy
peoples came from the rural areas 


The mission of Noble Aims Welfare Association is to serve the humanity at a large scale without any discrimination of race, place,religion, and gender.

Aim Realizing the miserable condition of deprived communities of Pakistan, NAWA aims to raise its voice for the rights of the subjects on equality basis. 

• To work for health awareness and provide different medical facilities to non government health institutions. 
• To work for spreading awareness of Human and consumer rights.
• To provide Basic & Technical Educational facilities to poor communities of the country.
• To preserve Cultural Heritage of Pakistan.
• To fight against Unemployment.
• To cater the services to save the Environment.
• To work for Disaster Management( Relief work Activities 
• To provide services for poverty Alleviation.

LwNK TAAJ SCHOOL SYSTEM                        
A joint project of 
Noble Aims Welfare Association (Pakistan)
International Love For All Association (ILFA-Japan)

President ILFA - Japan   visit LwNK TAAJ School 

President ILFA - Japan Visit for Vocational Center 
Gujrat - Pakistan 

Proud Member of Butterfly Dreamer Network (Europe) 
First Official Member Meeting 
Brussels , Belgium

Relief Package for Poor People
Relief Package Project by 
Noble Aims Welfare Association (NAWA) 
with the help of
 NGO ILFA Association- Japan( ILFA -Japan ) ...
From Japan to People of Pakistan .

 2nd Relief Package Project by  
Noble Aims Welfare Association (NAWA) 
with the help of
 NGO ILFA Association- Japan( ILFA -Japan ) ...
From Japan to People of Pakistan .

December 2015

A joint venture project by

Account Title : NAWA

Account No: PK69JSBL9045000000639583

Swift Code :JSBLPKKA

NGO ILFA Association!donate/c1vud

contact at :





This project belongs to the  line of Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices and corresponds to the Capacity Development Action for Youth to the ACP (African , Caribbean and Pacific ), Latin America and Asia.
The project will be implemented in collaboration with 10 international youth organizations leaders from   Europe , Asia , America and Africa .
The CooperActive project runs from 01/01/2015 to 01/07/2016 and is primarily aimed at increasing the quality and validation of non-formal education in youth work, through adaptation, extension and\ dissemination of a single unified and quality standards for the performance of activities of non-formal education methodology.

The expected results of the project are:
establish a single, unified system for quality control in the performance of activities of non-formal 
education; In-depth understanding of how to maintain and develop the quality of non-formal education and its validation; disciplinary expand horizons of youth, their knowledge and skills;development of professional capacity to share and disseminate lessons learned with colleagues and learners at national and international levels;create long-term partnerships with similar organizations in the field of non-formal education, local and European authorities and networking.

CooperActive Project Training Session . Bran Romania...



                                                 Swat Refuges Help

When the swat operation begins thousands of people evacuate from swat and malakand in the different areas in Peshawar and Mardan and other part of country.

We visited the union council of Baghdada , Mardan where almost 3000 refuges are staying the different Government Schools, Hostel , and other buildings. After watching the situation out there we request THE SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION to help the people in mardan and on our request their first team came to Pakistan from Taiwan and Indonesia for helping these refuges. Then we make a plan to distribute daily usage item so we discuss with the refuges that what they need more and according to their need we make a list of things which we have to deliver them these items are ( Flour , Sugar , Salt , Red Beans , Rice , Tea , soaps, washing powder, cooking oil) we purchase these items and then we make 1100 packet each packet include (Flour 10Kg , Sugar 5Kg ,  Salt 1Kg, Red Beans 5Kg, Rice 5Kg, Tea 1Kg , soaps 3 pieces , Washing Powder 1kg , Cooking Oil 5 Liter) we hire 4 truck to transport these things from Rawalpindi to Mardan and then we distribute these items to the needy refuges  in Baghdada , Mardan and after completing the project The Supreme Master Team safely go back to their country.

After one week the Nazim of Baghdada union council again request us that more refuges came in this area and they need medical assistance and daily usage item we again visited the area and see the situation and again request THE SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION for help and on our request they came from Taiwan and Singapore and they also have doctors with them they have two female doctors for female patients and four male doctors.

We daily go to Baghdada Mardan from Rawalpindi and over their we have a medical camp for four days in the Government school.  each day medical team check almost 150 patients daily and they provide them free medicines and on request of refuges  we deliver 1100 packets of daily usage item to them After completing the project they go back to their countries safely.

Flood Relief Work at Charsadda 2010

The 2010 Pakistan floods began in July 2010 following heavy monsoon rains in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan regions of Pakistan. Present estimates indicate that over two thousand people have died and over a million homes have been destroyed since the flooding began. The United Nations estimates that more than 21 million people are injured or homeless as a result of the flooding, exceeding the combined total of individuals affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake, however, the death count in each of those three disasters was significantly higher than the number of people killed so far in the floods, but the true figure is likely to be significantly less than that. At one point, approximately one-fifth of Pakistan's total land area was underwater due to the flooding. 
Noble Aims Welfare Association did a relief work at Charsada Pakistan with the Help of THE SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION (SMCHIA) . we are thankful to THE SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI that she send a relief team to Pakistan.

Flood Relief Work at Vihari and Badin Pakistan 2011

In August 2011 Pakistan have heavy monsoon rains in sindh province. Due to these rains in (Badin , Tando Muhammad Khan sanghar ) in these areas more than 2500 villages were effected and more than 80,00,000 (8millions) people were migrated to relief camps or in government buildings where they are facing lack of facilities even they have no sufficient food to eat.
Heavy monsoon rains lashing most parts of Sindh wrecked havoc in the metropolitan city and Mirpurkhas besides many other districts in the province leaving 18 people dead and a large number of injured in roof collapses and rain-related incidents.
Road links between more than 700 villages of Makli and Thatta were disrupted and the residents of the affected areas were trapped in the floodwater.
The rains badly damaged the power supply and communication links which caused worst hardships for the people.
Noble Aims Welfare Association (NAWA) request The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association (SMCHIA) to help these flood victims, on NAWA request SMCHIA sent a relief team to Pakistan . Relief Team arrived in Pakistan on 23-09-2011 and on next day we visited the flood affected areas of Vihari Punjab and after the survey we distribute 2100 bags of 10 KG Flour to the needy people. After completing relief work in vihari we went to Badin. The level of destruction in badin is very high and thousands of people were affected. After completing the survey work we distribute 1180 bags of 10KG flour to the needy people.
And after the completion of relief mission SMCHIA team goes back to their native countries safely. 

Flood in Pakistan 2012 Survey Report

Monsoon floods in Pakistan have killed 455 people over the past five weeks and affected more than FIVE MILLION, according to the latest figures from the government's disaster relief agency.

More than 260,000 people around the country have sought shelter in relief camps since early September, though this figure is down from the 290,000 reported by NDMA two and a half weeks ago.
The data published by NDMA on Monday said more than 1.1 million acres (450,000 hectares) of crops were affected by the floods.

Widespread rains and floods have wreaked havoc in the southern Punjab districts of Dera Ghazi Khan, Ranjanpur and Rahim Yar Khan.Thousands of houses are completely washed away  and more than 8,87,345/- people were affected and Total No of people affected with this flood is  5,056,489 and living without  food  and shelter. Situation here is very bad here are some detail on it.
Same case in Badin and Shakhar and Jacobabad where thousands off people are homeless and waiting for help . more then 3,184,743 were affected in Sindh Province.

Women Technical Education Program

Lack of empowerment for women in a male dominated society and living in poverty stricken conditions are well documented areas of concern in most regions of Pakistan.  ‘The Noble Aims Welfare Association’ (NAWA)   believes that knowledge and skills that can be practically used are key steps towards improvement and empowerment of women in their local community where such conditions exist.  
Access to computer training can assist in reducing sole dependency on male members of the family and can provide an additional/alternative economic support thus taking important steps towards reducing poverty.  Using more updated, modern computers will enhance the productitivy of the women and subsequently further strengthen their self confidence.for that NAWA conduct the Basic computer classes for poor and needy peoples and for this NAWA collaborate with NICE (NEXTECH Institute of Computer Education) in 2006.
Student of different institution and women of the local community living in extremely low socio-economic conditions  who are solely dependent on the male members for economic support and also including women who are unmarried, orphans and widows who do not have other economic support available to them.

NAWA  gave computer education to more than 3000 students the whole expenses for this project is managed by NAWA.

Medical Help Program

In march 2007 NAWA plan to do something for needy and poor peoples in medical sector in rural areas and in this regard we talk to Mr. Shahid Raza Alvi whose the owner of Alvi hospital and maternity home mandi bha-ul-din and we collaborate with them and gave the medical assistance to poor and needy peoples came from the rural areas.

In march 2007 NAWA plan to do something for needy and poor peoples in medical sector in rural areas and in this regard we talk to Mr. Shahid Raza Alvi whose the owner of Alvi hospital and maternity home mandi bha-ul-din and we collaborate with them and gave the medical assistance to poor and needy peoples came from the rural areas.
In Alvi Hospital, doctors check 50 Patients daily. Hospital waived 50% expenses and the rest of 50% were beard by the NAWA.

Global Warming

Global warming is one of the most serious challenges facing us today. To protect the health and economic well-being of current and future generations, we must reduce our emissions of heat-trapping gases by using the technology, know-how, and practical solutions already at our disposal.

Global warming is real. It is not the result of a natural climatic adjustment. It is a quantifiable set of environmental results that are in addition to any normal changes in climate. That is why the effects of global warming have catastrophic potential. Global warming is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. It is the difference between a category three hurricane and a category four. Global warming is an imbalance of nature.
 Global warming is the increase in average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. In the last few decades this increase has been relatively significant

To prevent the causes of the Global Warming and to aware the people about Global Warming Noble Aims Welfare Association (NAWA) distribute 20,000 flyers to educate the people about global warming and NAWA also planted 2000 plants in different regions of Pakistan.

 Contact Detail

 Ali Imran Awan

RawalpindiPakistan .


                                                          Vice President                                                                              

       Abrar Hussain Awan
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Relationship Manager for Turkey

Mr. Gurkan Akcaer
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 Project Director





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